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Marvel Comics' Invincible Iron Man run with Gerry Duggan is ending (and possibly the Emma Frost romance with it)

The Tony Stark/Emma Frost era of Marvel's Iron Man this summer

Invincible Iron Man #19 cover
Image credit: Kael Ngu (Marvel Comics)

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A new issue of Marvel Comics' Invincible Iron Man is conspiciously absent from the publisher's just-released August 2024 solicitations. And while some ongoing comics sometimes skip a month, we can confirm it's something more. Marvel is ending Gerry Duggan's Invincible Iron Man ongoing series - and apparently, as soon as July.

Invincible Iron Man #20 cover
Image credit: Kael Ngu (Marvel Comics)

"Gerry’s run on Invincible Iron Man will be wrapping up around the same time as the end of the Krakoa era and his stint on X-Men, David," Marvel Comics' VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort said this weekend on his Substack. "But glad you’ve been enjoying it."

While neither Marvel nor Duggan have made an official announcement, it would seem July's Invincible Iron Man #20 will be the series' finale given Duggan's X-Men run is ending June 5 with X-Men #35 (and the Krakoan era along with it). Looking back at the advertised story of Invincible Iron Man #20, Marvel's description of the issue is rather ominous.

"The war is over," Marvel writes. "The war with Orchis is over. What does the future hold for Tony and Emma Frost?"

That's a good question. Tony Stark and Emma Frost married back in November in what was a thematic (and actual) crossover between the Iron Man franchise and the X-Men franchise. Given the tide of things in the past, the Stark-Frost relationship could go by the wayside with the next creative team on the book.

If Duggan's run does indeed end with July's Invincible Iron Man #20, it sets the stage for a major announcement - say at July's Comic-Con International: San Diego - on what the next Iron Man ongoing series will be (you know there will be one) and who will be writing and drawing it. But that's a story for another day.

Invincible Iron Man #1 - #18 are available now, with #19 coming on June 19 then the seeming finale of #20 on July 17. A collection of this most recent arc, titled Invincibule Iron Man by Gerry Duggan Vol. 3: Iron & Diamonds, is due out October 1.

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