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Local Comic Shop Day 2024 is coming: Here's when it is, what to expect, and where to find your local comic store

It's record store day but for comics fans. What's not to love?

Local Comic Shop Day
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For those of you that need an excure to visit your local comic store, we have one. LOcal Comic Shop Day. And it's coming sooner than you think.

Inspired by Record Store Day (which was itself inspired by Free Comic Book Day), Local Comic Shop Day is an annual tradition in which me, you, and all your friends and enemies are encouraged to make a jaunt to your local comic store (LCS) - whether its your first time there in a long time, or to make a special trip to see what they have that's new and unique to the special day.

With Local Comic Shop Day 2024 schedueld for September 28, we wanted to make sure everyone is up to speed on what to expect - and how to participate!

What is Local Comic Shop Day?

Inside a comic shop
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n annual event started in 2015 to "educating the public about comic books" and to highlight the 3000+ locally-owned comic stores that sell comics in the United States. In the past, publishers such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and others have published unique editions of key comics with a new, variant cover branded for Local Comic Shop Day - but now ComicsPRO, the organizers of the event are soliciting comic companies to have early releases, exclusive comics, and other "unique" books for Local Comic Shop Day.

When is Local Comic Shop Day 2024?

This year's Local Comic Shop Day is Saturday, September 28, 2024 in all participating comic stores.

Prior to 2024, LOcal Comic Shop Day was traditionally during the winter holiday season to coincide with Black Friday & Cyber Monday, but the organizers of the event decided to move it to the last Saturday in September in an effort to get more participation from Marvel, DC, and other publishers.

“We are moving Local Comic Shop Day® to the last Saturday in September for a few reasons,”, said Marco Davanzo, ComicsPRO executive director. “September is usually a slow month. The new date should help retailers increase sales by bringing the spotlight to local comic shops. By moving it to the Fall, we hope more publishers, retailers, and distributors can participate as it won’t overlap with an already busy end of year/winter holiday season and to stake out it’s own unique space on the calendar.”

Which comic shops take part in Local Comic Shop Day?

A list of the comic shops taking part in Local Comic Shop Day 2024 is expected to be released August 15, 2024. That list will be published on the Local Comic Shop Day website. Participating comic stores will have special sales and deals from publishers and other vendors taking part in Local Comic Shop Day, and ComicsPRO plans a advertising campaign on Facebook targeted to each store's zip code.

Are comics free on Local Comic Shop Day?

I believe you're confusing that with Free Comic Book Day. There are no plans for free comics to be given away during Local Comic Shop Day, however local stores may run special sales or giveaways independently.

How many times a year is Local Comic Shop Day?

Local Comic Shop Day happens one day per year. Its unofficial sister event is Free Comic Book Day, which traditionally takes place the first Saturday of May. Together, they form two major comics days of the year - similiar to Record Store Day, which happens twice a year.

Does Local Comic Shop Day include manga?

Yes, Local Comic Shop Day includes manga. The participation of manga publishers changes every year, so stay tuned for what's to be offered.

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