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Marvel Comics’ boss says it was lost in 2023, but are building a roadmap for its future using a new way to understand who's reading

Marvel publisher Dan Buckley describes the big questions being asked inside Marvel Comics' offices

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Image credit: Steve Skroce (Marvel Comics)

Everyone gets lost once in a while. In a way, that’s the only way to find something - and to find yourself. And the best first step is to realize what you are missing, and that no different for me, you, or Marvel Comics.

At a recent closed-door industry event, longtime Marvel publisher Dan Buckley said that following the pandemic and the decentralization of comics distribution due to the decline of what was the biggest print comics distributor (Diamond) and biggest digital comics distributor (Amazon’s ComiXology) in North America, the company was unsure of its health and the comics indistry’s health as a whole.

“As all you know, changes in distribution have made it very hard for us to figure out where we, the industry, are compared to where we have been,” said Buckley during the ComicsPRO keynote address. “And this is requiring us to reach out to others to determine the following: What is the size of the industry? Do we have the right definition of the industry? Is the industry growing or retracting? How are each of our products performing in the marketplace?”

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