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Comics are a dream job, but for Bishop creator Whilce Portacio it wasn't his initial dream

The comic creator aspired to work in another creative profession

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Comics and comic charaters have expanded throughout the years. We've seen new takes on characters, or new characters entirely. There has never been more stories to consume then now. There are many comic writers and artists who we have to thank for our favorite runs. One such influential creator is Whilce Portacio.

You may recognize Portacio from his work on X-Men as an artist, specifically, the co-creator of the character Bishop. While having an acclaimed career in the comics space, including being one of the co-founder's of Image Comics, Portacio reveals in an interview with Popverse's Veronica Valencia he didn't intend to become a comic artist. In fact, Portacio had an entirely different dream he wanted to pursue before finding his way into comics.

For more on Portacio's journey, and the decisions that led to a career in comics, check out the video above.

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