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No, Wolverine is not a swinger. At least, according to Marvel's top X-Men editor

Sorry fanfic readers, but we're not getting an official Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey episode of Couple to Throuple anytime soon

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Wolverine's claws leaves a three-layer slash across his enemies, and according to many X-Men readers, it's not the only threeway he's comfortable with. Ever since the Krakoan era began (and let's face it, long before), fans have been speculating on the canonicity of an equal-partner relationship between Logan, Scott Summers (Cyclops), and Jean Grey. But according to the person helming the X-Men relaunch, speculation is all there is to that topic.

"You’re entitled to read anything the way you want to," writes Tom Brevoort on his substack. "But speaking of just the letter of what is on the page, rather than the spirit, I’m still unconvinced that there’s enough evidence to support [a Wolverine/Cyclops/Jean throuple] within the stories themselves."

Apparently, however, X-Men fans disagree - some of them have been sending pages from the comics to Brevoort, arguing in support of this relationship. He continues:

"[...] most of those examples came from very early in the Krakoa era, and haven’t been reflected in more recent times, not that I was shown, anyway. So I’m not saying that it didn’t happen—everybody gets to have their own head canon about whatever they like. But I do still hold to my original thesis [...]"

Alas, Brevoort's assertation doesn't stem the tide of Wolveryclopenix stans. In fact, the longtime Marvel editor couldn't get away from it in the very same substack post. "Jean's relationship with both Scott and Logan was very much on the page in Krakoan-era comics as published," argued reader Clive Reston. Then, later, a writer called yoyo echoed the sentiment by asking if the romantic scenes between Jean & Logan on Krakoa were an "illusion."

"Sure," Brevoort admits, "there’s still that 'hot tub' scene in X-Force #10, but that’s one scene in five years. Again, I don’t want to litigate matters here, but that’s hardly a definitive and unassailable batch of evidence—especially when you consider how many years we’re talking about here."

If you're wondering what hot tub scene he's referring to, it's this:

X-Force #10
Image credit: Joshua Cassara/Marvel

"You guys are really hung up on this, eh[...]?" he concludes, with what could be just a hint of exhaustion. It could be worse, Tom; at least no-one's brought up the connected bedrooms from the floor-map of X-Men #1 back in 2019:

Summer House from X-Men #1
Image credit: Marvel

You've got to respect Brevoort for sticking to his guns and, to be fair, Marvel as a company hasn't confirmed any such relationship. And yet, there's no power in the world, mutant or editorial, that'll stop fan-fiction.

That is a Juggernaut of a different variety.

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