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Your Favorite Local Bookstores for Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday – the day set aside to support small and local businesses across the US – is quickly approaching on Saturday, November 28.

We asked you which local bookstores were your favorites and we were overwhelmed with the response! If you’re interested in picking up a good book, comic, or gift, check out these local businesses below. And if you’ve got a recommendation, let us know on Twitter. You’ll find direct links to each show’s tweets below.

Important: Reach out to these local bookstores and comic shops to find out how their hours have been impacted, whether or not they offer delivery or contactless pickup, and other options to make socially distant purchases.

United Kingdom

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Gosh Comics, London

Recommended by T.W., Gosh Comics is a mean little comics shop in the heart of London. Sounds great!

The Portal Bookshop, York

Recommended by Trent, The Portal Bookshop in York “is beyond cool and a bright spark of joy in a dark time line.”

Dave’s Comics, Brighton

Recommended by Ellie, Dave’s Comics sells graphic novels, comics, and has a ‘brother’ shop, Dave’s Books.

Tokyo Toys, Birmingham & Glasgow

Recommended by Dudge, Tokyo Toys has two stores located in Birmingham and Glasgow, and have a ton of collectibles as well.


While not a bookstore, Bookshop has recently launched in the UK, and sales there support independent bookstores. Recommended by Grace.

Seattle & the Surrounding Area

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Third Place Books, Seattle

Recommended by Andreth and Michelle, Third Place Books is an independent bookstore with three locations in the greater Seattle area.

Fantagraphics Store, Seattle

Recommended by Rhi, Fantagraphics sells comic, graphic novels, and badass books from the publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists.

Ada's Books and Cafe, Seattle

Recommended by Rhi, Ada’s has books, and also COFFEE. What goes better with a book than a nice warm mug?

Queen Anne Book Co, Seattle

Recommended by Rhi, Queen Anne Book Co. stands out supporting other businesses, schools, and donating to other causes. 

Powell's Books, Portland

Recommended by Rhi, Powell’s Books isn’t in Seattle, but earned a mentioned regardless. 

Destiny City Comics, Tacoma

Recommended by Rhi, Destiny City Comics is a local hot spot for comics, graphic novels, collectibles, and wrestling merch.

New York & the Surrounding Area

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Midtown Comics, NYC

Recommended by Jay, Midtown Comics is perhaps one of the most well-known comic shops in the US. You can find them in Times Square, Grand Central, Downtown, and of course, online.

Bluestockings, NYC

Recommended by Rhi, Bookstocks is a queer, trans, and sex worker collectively owned activist bookstore and cafe. They’ll be opening a pop-up on November 27-29, be sure to stop by!

Forbidden Planet, NYC

Recommended by Rhi, Forbidden Planet has a ton of deals on comics, collectibles, and games. It’s a paradise for geeky gifts.

Book Revue, Long Island

Recommended by Rhi, Book Revue is Long Island’s largest independent bookstore, and has a strong variety of gift guides on their website

Buffalo Street Books, New York

Recommended by X, Buffalo Street Books is located in Ithaca, and is wholly owned by the community.

[words] Bookstore, New Jersey

Recommended by FunkToTheO, [words] Bookstore engages readers of all ages and interests. Check their website for info on how to order.

RJ Julia Booksellers, Connecticut

Recommended by Leah and Rhi, RJ Julia Booksellers is an amazing place to discover new books. Look for staff recommendations throughout the store, they will lead you to your next favorite read.

Book Barn, Connecticut

Recommended by Jaym, Book Barn is located in Niantic, CT, and purchases used books as well as selling them. It’s a bit of a hike from NYC, but if you’re in CT, it’s a great place to check out.

Atticus Bookstore Cafe, Connecticut

Recommended by Leah, Atticus Bookstore Cafe is located in New Haven, CT, and has books and baked goods in equal supply.

Chicagoland Area

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Book Table, Chicago

Recommended by Kei, Book Table is an independent bookstore in Oak Park, and has been a part of the community since 2003.

The Book Cellar, Chicago

Recommended by Gabrielle, The Book Cellar is located in Lincoln Square, and offers books, a cafe, and a wine bar. Yes, a wine bar.

Bookie's Homewood, Chicago

Recommended by TurboSamus, Bookie’s has locations in Homewood and Chicago, and sell new and used books.

Graham Crackers Comics, Chicago

Recommended by Gary, Graham Crackers Comics has multiple locations throughout Chicagoland, and sells comics, graphic novels, CCGs, and a ton more.

Brilliant Books, Michigan

Recommended by X, Brilliant Books is located in Traverse City, MI. Take a gander through their Holiday Gift Catalog to find a great gift for someone you love.

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