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Bruce Wayne cries surrounded by bats

Spoilers! | Ram V’s existential approach to Batman

As Ram V’s Detective Comics run continues, he speaks directly to Batman’s trauma and identity in a raw emotional scene
Superman: Lost #7 variant cover

Spoilers! | Superman goes to therapy (and it's about time)

Superman may be the most indestructible hero in the DCU, but even he has to be honest about his mental health. Here's how Superman: Lost addresses the pressures of saving the day
Peacemaker homages the Conan the Barbarian movie poster

Spoilers! | DC's Peacemaker Tries Hard! ending explained

As Peacemaker Tries Hard! comes a close, here’s how the series evokes James Gunn’s DC projects while leaning into ‘80s action and comedy
Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham

Meet DC's newest Batman villain, Crytoon

As Rafael Grampá readies the eagerly anticipated miniseries Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham and its new villains, he spotlights the lead foe Crytoon
The Joker

Worlds collide! | How the Joker brings Spider-Man back to the DCU

As the Joker continues his cross-country odyssey, he makes a direct reference to Marvel’s webslinger in another unofficial crossover between universes.