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Conventions are still the best place to dig through longboxes

You can always find treasure in these battered old boxes

Photograph of a long box with comics in it
Image credit: Popverse

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I love a long box (though I do wish comic shops had stools or something so you don't have to spend hours crouching on the ground to flip through them). Though all long boxes are more or less the same - white cardboard of the same length with handle holes on the side - it's what's inside that really gets you. Which makes digging through longboxes looking for special comics (and other general ephemera) one of my favorite activities to do at conventions.

Though most local comic shops do have long boxes full of treasures to dig through, there is really nothing like heading to a comic convention and walking through the stalls and finding brand new boxes (to you, at least - the boxes themselves are rarely new) to dig through.

At Emerald City Comic Con, team Popverse got to dig through a couple of these boxes and found some pretty cool treasures (some of which we purchased, some of which we didn't). Check out what we found in the slideshow below:

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