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50 LGBTQ+ cosplayers who create absolutely stunning cosplays

Celebrating Pride Month With Sensational Cosplayers!

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Happy Pride month from all of us here! There are so many talented LGBTQIA+ cosplayers who continually create stunning imagery, art, and cosplays for all of us to enjoy!

NYC Pride announced their theme for pride this year as “The Fight Continues”. Though the LGBTQ+ community constantly gives and gives love, they are regularly met with prejudice and blind hate. There is tremendous adversity on many fronts within this country: police brutality, an ongoing pandemic, the alarming murder rate for trans-POC, the violent efforts to disenfranchise voters, and the rights of this community being questioned at the level of the Supreme Court are just a few of the battles we are in.

The LGBTQ+ movement has also been facing tons of cruelty on social media, with certain apps allowing creators to be targeted and attacked. As a collective, we vow to amplify empowered voices of the LGBTQ+ community and help in any way we can for the movement towards equality and acceptance.

Amidst all the animosity, LGBTQ+ Cosplayers worldwide prove that their community is brave, bright, and defiant by taking the stand in saying, “this is who I am”. If we learned one thing from Wonder Woman, it’s that love is always stronger.

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