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Metaverse Cosplay From Across the Galaxy

You've shown us your best cosplay from home and previous cons!

nycc mcm metaverse cosplay gallery
Image credit: Photo submitted by Larry Smith

Normally, we’d have dozens of photographers running around the show, snapping pics, grabbing handles, and generally capturing that je ne sais quoi feeling of being at a con.

We’d post beautiful photos on our social media of YOU, having a blast. Obviously, things are a little different right now, but it hasn’t stopped cosplay, it hasn’t stopped creators, and it hasn’t stopped you.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cosplay and fan art that fans like you have already shared! Want to be a part of Metaverse? We’d love that. 

Batman Beyond with Will Friedle (yes, that’s really him), Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter

Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon): Instagram

Heather Boddy, She-Hulk: Instagram, Twitter

She-Hulk(s), The Romanoff's (Agent Romanoff and Junior): Instagram, Twitter

Sonic The Hedgehog, Jake Zolomij: Instagram

Spider-Gwen, Niamh: Instagram, Twitter

Star Trek, Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter

Storm, Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter

Carl from the Walking Dead, Jessica,: Instagram, Twitter

Winter Soldier, Patrick Skye: Instagram

Black Panther, Tony Ray: Instagram

Wonder Woman, BBDesignCosplay; Photo by jstylephotography

Batgirl, The Romanoff's (Agent Romanoff and Junior): Instagram, Twitter

Batman Beyond, Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter


Doll (Black Butler), Cosplay.cutiee

Captain Jack Sparrow, Instagram

Spider-Man Captain Universe Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter

Samurai Wolverine: Instagram

Samurai Deadpool: Instagram

Cast of The Fifth Element, Larry Smith: Instagram, Twitter

Kelly Comeaux dressed as Mrs. Deagle from the movie Gremlins. The gremlin is made from paper mache and hand painted. Instagram, Facebook

Hellboy, The Romanoff's (Agent Romanoff and Junior): Instagram, Twitter

Original Character, Instagram: Astra_Nyxia, nyxia_creations

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