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Top 5 Things You Need to Become a Cosplayer

You may run into failures along the way, but that’s okay! Failing is a part of the cosplay building process.

Cosplaying has been around for a while but has gained rapid popularity in the last ten years. With social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook allowing cosplayers to show their work, it’s no wonder many people are now getting into the hobby. It also helps that many cons around the world now have cosplay competitions and openly welcome cosplayers to support their favorite fandoms.

So whether you’re simply interested in the hobby, want to try out cosplaying for the first time, or have been cosplaying for years, here are 5 things you need to become the ultimate cosplayer.

1. Sewing Machine

Having a sewing machine is one of the most fundamental and basic tools that will allow you to craft to your heart’s desire. Not only is it much quicker to use a sewing machine than hand stitching (trust me, hand stitching for six hours gets tiring real quick), but a sewing machine can be used to make both new pieces of clothing or to modify old ones. You can use a sewing machine to transform clothes you want to use for a cosplay by adding some extra fabric or create something completely new out of fabric. Plus, it’s useful for stitching back up tears in everyday clothing as well!

2. Fabric Supplies

If you have a sewing machine, then you are going to need some fabric supplies as well. Items such as fabric scissors and a cutting board do wonders when cutting fabric. Having a box of pins is useful for putting fabric pieces together. Also, it is imperative to have a seam ripper. There will be times where you accidentally stitch the wrong pieces together or need to take apart a seam and a seam ripper will be a life saver. If you’re also looking into where to buy fabric, you can start by looking online or go to your local fabric store. Stores like Joann Fabrics even have fabric collections by cosplayers like Yaya Han.

3. Foam Supplies

Maybe you want to add a little bit of armor to your build or even a prop sword and shield! Having EVA foam at your disposal can give you unlimited possibilities to build pretty much anything for a cosplay. All you need are some sharp blades for cutting the foam and good barge cement (or contact cement) for gluing pieces together. You may also want to get some paint and sealer such as Mod Podge to really keep your foam builds looking fresh. An easy way to get foam supplies is to go to Michaels, as they have a whole bunch of EVA foam, paint, and tools perfect for any cosplayer!

4. Cosplay Merch

Say you’re at a con and don’t want to wear a cosplay for the day, but still want to represent the cosplay community. Or maybe you have a handler with you and they want to support the community in any way they can. This is where cosplay merchandise comes in! Not only does it show your love for cosplay, but it can also be comfortable to wear at a con. Wearing cosplay all day, especially with heavy fabric and/or EVA foam, can get really hot and tiring. Being able to put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt is the perfect style option in between wearing cosplays. Luckily, Cosplay Central has a collection of shirts and sweatshirts cosplayers can wear at a con or for everyday attire!

5. Patience and Determination

One of the biggest things that a cosplayer needs to have is patience and determination. Building a cosplay is rarely a quick activity. It takes lots of planning, gathering materials, crafting, and then test fitting to make sure everything works before wearing it to a photoshoot or con. You may run into failures along the way, but that’s okay! Failing is a part of the cosplay building process. It’s how you learn from your mistakes and end up creating amazing builds. And there are always other cosplayers in the community willing to offer advice, tips, and support. As long as you stay determined and keep moving forward, you can create any cosplay you dream of.

Now go out there and become the best cosplayer you can be!

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