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Critical Role cast explains who makes them laugh the most, and why ads are a terrifying experience

To be fair, the combination of whip cream, hot dogs, and Cheetos does sound horrifying

Critical Role MCM October 2023
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If Critical Role has one cast member that would earn a class clown spot in a potential class yearbook, it’s Sam Reigel — a fact that became very clear during the cast’s MCM October 2023 panel, and a discussion about what others have said that made them break.

“Sometimes Laura just laughs at me for no reason,” Reigel announced in response to a fan question about what makes others laugh. “It’s just your pretty face, Sam,” she replied, laughing, before telling the crowd, “I think mine is Sam’s entire character name just being the set-up for another joke. So stupid.”

“Anytime [Sam] starts to break himself during his ads, we all start to die” suggested Liam O’Brien. “And I can’t remember if [he] said this on camera or off, but when you were talking about your lounge singer turning into a sunflower, and you told us, ‘sometimes, the bits are for the audience, and sometimes they’re just for me!'”

“There’s no way to describe the anxiety of showing up to a Thursday table and Sam’s not present, and we hear rustling in the back and we realize, oh, that’s right. It’s another ad bit,” Matt Mercer added, to which Bailey replied, “Or the terror of turning up and you’re in the ad bit today, and it’s ‘Oh Gad, what is it? What are we gonna say?’”

“Yeah, he doesn’t tell us anything,” Marisha Ray said. “I feel like that’s always a question, which is ‘do you all know going into this what Sam does,' and the answer is always, ‘no,’ I feel like I’m the only one who might sometimes get spoiled, because I have a peek on the production side of things. But it’s always, like, me walking into the kitchen, and producer Kyle has, like, five tubs of whip cream and hot dogs and Cheetos, and I’m like, ‘…no. No, Gods, no.’”

“I like that half an hour before the show, I get the text ‘Do you have, like, a vampire coat or something that you could bring?’ I’m like, I left home a long time ago.”

There’s even more to enjoy in the full Critical Role panel from MCM London, which is available to view right here. If you don’t have time for that right now, bookmark it and come back later — in the meantime, we have some highlights for you to check out right here:

It’s time to start watching Critical Role, if you haven’t already. Here’s how you can do that easily; you’re welcome.

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