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"The Impossible Dream": DC World's Finest and Once & Future artist Dan Mora opens up about his career

For some he's an overnight success after becoming one of DC's preeminent Batman artists, but it took a long while for Dan Mora to get here

Dan Mora standing on a convention floor
Image credit: Dan Mora

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to be an overnight success. While Batman/Superman: World's Finest artist Dan Mora might seem like he has come out of nowhere to become one of DC's core superhero artists, his path to here has been long and he's had to make many sacrifices to have what he calls, "the impossible dream."

Growing up in his native Costa Rica, Dan Mora didn't know making comics for a living was actually a thing. But now in 2022, he's doing it - very successfully - and feeling himself to be a role model for other Latin American artists who like him, share in his love of comic books.

Mora is one of the most interesting and talented new voices in American superhero comic books, so what better reason to have a conversation with him? What we found was a very grateful family man who believes in hard work, and realizes you can't wait for your dreams to come true.

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