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Marvel brings Thor and WandaVision's Darcy into the comic book universe

The character, played by Kat Dennings in the MCU, will be part of the upcoming Scarlet Witch comic book series

Kat Dennings as Darcy in Wandavision
Image credit: Marvel Studios

In a reversal of the traditional route, a fan-favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to make their comic book debut. Darcy Lewis — Kat Denning’s scientist from the Thor franchise and WandaVision — will be part of the supporting cast of the upcoming Scarlet Witch comic book series.

“This is the 616 version of this character, who brings the same type of perceptions to the book, but also fits right into what’s going on with Scarlet Witch, with the magic side of the Marvel Universe,” writer Steve Orlando told Polygon, referencing the multiverse designation for Marvel’s comic book Earth.

He continued, “Darcy’s there to lightly chide the absurdities we love of comic books, especially in a character like Thor,… Wanda speaks casually about a life that is absurd and strange, and it’s normal for her. But if you look at her family tree and the things she does, it can seem quite esoteric. Darcy essentially gives a voice to the audience in the same way that Kat Dennings’ character does.”

Darcy isn’t the first character created for a Marvel Studios project who was then inserted into Marvel’s comic book universe — although it’s not always gone as smoothly as simply bringing the character into comics in their familiar form. The comic book version of the MCU’s Phillip Coulson was introduced as 'Cheese' in 2011’s Battle Scars #1, with their actual identity only revealed at the end of the six-issue series; the same issue also revealed that Marcus Johnson — a character intended to look suspiciously like Samuel L. Jackson — was, in fact, the son of the comic book Nick Fury, a revelation that led him to adopt the name Nick Fury, Jr. Similarly, earlier this year, Marvel launched a Captain Carter comic book miniseries after the character — an alternate reality version of Peggy Carter — debuted in the Disney+ What If…? series.

Marvel’s new Scarlet Witch series, written by Orlando with art from Sara Pichelli, launches in January.

Is the addition of Darcy an attempt to give MCU fans what they want? Perhaps it’s time to revisit this piece about the confusion surrounding just what MCU fans want in the first place.

Graeme McMillan

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