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Lee Bermejo reflects on his industry beginnings and acclaimed work

In a spotlight interview with Popverse, acclaimed comic book creator Lee Bermejo shares his origins breaking into the industry, reflects on his most popular works, and reveals details about Batman: Dear Detective

Three cropped images featuring Bermejo's paintings
Image credit: DC Comics

One of the most celebrated comic artists in the industry today is Lee Bermejo, whose painted art style and gritty sensibilities give a harder edge to even the most established comic book universes and characters. From working with Brian Azzarello on bestselling titles like Luthor and Joker to his own projects as artist and writer with works including Batman: Noël, Bermejo has provided many fan-favorite takes on the darker corners of the DC Universe.

Bermejo’s popular artwork for DC Comics has been compiled in a gorgeous art collection, showcasing Bermejo’s impressive body of work. In addition to this collection, Bermejo’s haunting covers for Detective Comics have been compiled into the upcoming DC title Batman: Dear Detective. The unique project links the artwork into an overarching story written by Bermejo, with a serial killer taunting the Dark Knight from afar through a series of letters as the Caped Crusader endures the grueling gauntlet of defending Gotham.

In a spotlight interview with Popverse, Bermejo recalls his career origins with WildStorm, shares his influences and comic creators that he personally admires, and chats about his work on Batman: Dear Detective.

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