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All 8 of DC's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month variant covers for 2024

Characters Cassandra Cain, Monkey Prince, Kong Kenan, and more are part of DC's celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage

Image credit: DC Comics
Image credit: DC Comics

DC Comics is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month with a series of eight variant covers across some of its biggest titles. AAPI characters such as Avery Ho, Clownhunter, and Katana take their turns in the spotlight as the variant covers drop this May.

In a recently released press mailer, DC revealed not just the characters and covers, but also the all-star artists who will be putting them on the page. Check out a full list of these comics below, complete with release date and the artist whose work is on the cover:

DC's AAPI Heritage Month checklist:

  • May 7: Birds of Prey #9 variant cover by Philip Tan
  • May 7: Batman #147 variant cover by John Giang
  • May 14: Action Comics #1065 variant cover by Ethan Young
  • May 14: Outsiders #7 variant cover by Jerome Opeña
  • May 14: Batman and Robin #9 variant cover by Erica Henderson
  • May 28: Detective Comics #1085 variant cover by Gene Ha
  • May 28: Green Arrow #12 variant cover by Annie Wu
  • May 28: The Flash #9 variant cover by Jessica Fong

AAPI Heritage Month starts in May, with the comics above coming out not long after. Until then, you can check out their variant covers in the gallery below:

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