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Fan-favorite cartoonist is telling one of DC's best romance stories from a new perspective

Ngozi Ukazu's Barda is sure to be one of the hottest books of the summer

Cropped cover of Barda
Image credit: DC Comics

Ngozi Ukazu is one of the brightest creators in comics. Not only has she created one of the most successful webcomics of all time, Check, Please!, and made comics for the likes of The New Yorker, she's also recently put out, alongside artist Mad Rupert, a lovely graphic novel about the perils of art school titled Bunt.

But what's next for Ukazu is particularly exciting, especially for those who love Jack Kirby's Fourth World mythology at DC and the many strange characters within. Ukazu's next release is going to be a full graphic novel centering around Barda, one of DC's most famed warriors, and her interest in love in Apokolips, a world that does not allow for it.

From the publisher's blurb, it looks like this new graphic novel will follow Barda as she faces her "secret" that she is drawn to love, and chart the relationship between Barda and Scott Free (a.k.a. Mister Miracle) as she is assigned, by Granny Goodness, to break his spirit.

Barda is written and drawn by Ngozi Ukazu and edited by recently-retired editor Jim Chadwick. The graphic novel is out in it's full length on June 4, but those who can't wait for a preview should make their way to their local comic book shop on May 4 for Free Comic Book Day.

Take a look at the full cover and some interior comics pages from the graphic novel in the gallery below.

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