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Discover DC Comics' 2025 plans and more by following along to the DC's New Reads panel from the ALA Annual

DC is coming to San Diego early for the ALA Annual!

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Image credit: Daniel Sampere (DC)

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2024 isn't even halfway over, but for some of us, we're already looking ahead to the future. And this summer at the 2024 ALA Annual Conference, DC will be doing just that - and not just talking in abstract, but making some announcements.

DC has announced plans to come to San Diego's ALA Annual 2024 to take part in several events, including a panel titled 'DC's New Reads' on Saturday, June 29 beginning at 9:15 AM Pacific Time.

"Join DC as we take you through our favorites from the 2024 year and even a sneak peek at 2025!"

Yes, DC we WILL join you there! Popverse's Gary Catig will be onsite, liveblogging the entire panel. Come back here Saturday, June 29 beginning at 9:15 AM Pacific (that's 12:15pm Eastern) to learn about DC's new reads for 2024 and 2025.

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