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DC's Hispanic Heritage Month variant covers from Pablo Villalobos feature Bane, Blue Beetle and more

Jessica Cruz and Pedro Peña also appear in the series of variants, which will be released over the course of September.

Image credit: DC Comics

September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and DC Comics is celebrating the month with some absolutely gorgeous variant covers from popular variant cover artist Pablo Villalobos. Each of these seven new covers features a different DC character.

The seven covers that make up this special event from DC will be released over the course of the month. Blue Beetle #1, Shazam #3, and Batman #137 will feature Jaime Reyes, Pedro Peña, and Bane respectively; Green Lantern #3 has Kyle Rayner on the cover; Green Lantern: War Journal #1 and Hawkgirl #3 come with Jessica Cruz on the former, Hawkgirl on the latter; and Detective Comics #1074 is great for fans of Renee Montoya, who's guise as The Question adorns the front.

The covers will out on the following dates:

  • September 5: Blue Beetle #1
  • September 5: Shazam #3
  • September 5: Batman #137
  • September 12: Green Lantern #3
  • September 19: Green Lantern: War Journal #1
  • September 19: Hawkgirl #3
  • September 25: Detective Comics #1074
  • Check out the gallery below to see what DC has in store.

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