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DC re-elects Prez with new story (and new push for 2016 comic)

Prez is back, and in a new format too

Cropped cover of new Prez graphic novel format
Image credit: DC Comics

Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell (with Domo Stanton)'s Prez: Setting a Dangerous President first debuted in 2016 as a satire on how virality can take over politics (set in the far far away safe futures of 2046). When fast food worker Beth Ross gets her hair caught in the deep fryer at work, she becomes known as "Corndog Girl" and is catapulted to the top of American politics.

Now with a new election season on its way, Prez is back and angling for a wider audience in DC's YA graphic novel format with new content including a new original story from Russell and Caldwell, a short story from the 2016 Catwoman: Election Night one-shot, and the original Prez sneak peek that debuted in the 2015 'DC You' publishing initiative.

This re-release of Prez will be available in comic book shops, bookshops, and mass market retailers on Tuesday, June 4 and joins other DC YA graphic novels including Superman: Harvests of Youth, Shadow of the Batgirl, and I am Not Starfire aimed at wider audiences.

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