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We have waited over 25 years for Marvel & DC's crossovers to be reprinted, now we'll need to wait an extra month or two

Like a lunar eclipse, getting DC and Marvel on the same page is rare - but its happening (Just a little later than we were first told)

DC Versus Marvel Omnibus
Image credit: Jim Lee/Scott Williams/Alex Sinclair (DC/Marvel)

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While superhero team-ups are commonplace, getting the two biggest superhero publishers to team-up is anything but - that's part of the reason why, when they do, it's so monumental.

Earlier this year, DC and Marvel jointly announced they were bringing their long-out-of-print crossover stories from the 1970s, '80s, and '90s back into print for the first time, and making them available digitally, for the first time ever. Cue crowd support, both from older fans' nostalgia of the past as well as newer fans seeing this rare occurence, like a lunar eclipse, happening in their reading lifetime. But unlike a lunar eclipse, you can't always set your clock to it.

DC has informed retailers that both of the upcoming DC/Marvel reprints - the DC Versus Marvel Omnibus and the DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus - have been delayed.

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No, this isn't a hand-wringing article decrying publishers for being late. Instead, this is just a moment to consider how momentous this reprint project is - especially when you consider the legal red tape being gone over, as well as the production department who is undoubtly scanning 30-year old comic pages and re-presenting it for modern times.

The DC Versus Marvel Omnibus and the DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus are now set to come out September 24 - seven weeks later than originally planned. Consider this extra time to consider your budgets, and pre-order these books - because if history is any teacher, they may not be reprinted anytime soon.

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