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Marvel Studios' new Deadpool & Wolverine sneak peek features Kevin Feige jokes, the TVA, and Wade Wilson as a car salesman

Jokes about toupees, cocaine, and Feige abound

Deadpool & Wolverine
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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Wade Wilson is not Deadpool. "I'm done," he says in the lengthy early excerpt from Deadpool & Wolverine shown at CinemaCon, "And I'm fine with being done." Of course, the thing is, he isn't okay with being done at all. In fact, his life is falling apart, he can't make the rent, and he makes as bad of a car salesman as you can imagine. Plus, it's his birthday.

At Wade's birthday party, we see a gaggle of familiar faces including Colossus, Yuki, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. But, of course, the party is interupted by a squad of uniformed TVA agents. (When Wilson sees their batons, he says "Pegging isn't new for me, my friend. But it is for Disney.")

It turns out that Wade Wilson is supposedly instrumental to protecting the Sacred Timeline. Mr. Paradox asks Wade to leave his timeline and... well, we'll see this summer, wont we?

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For those of you who are worried that Disney would tone down that classic Deadpool humor, there are a lot of F bombs, jokes about cocaine, and the aforementioned pegging as well. There are also a lot of butt slaps (and laughs to be had) during Deadpool's classic costume montage.

As for the big question, yes. We briefly see Hugh Jackman in the yellow Wolverine suit (he drops an F bomb too, if you were wondering), though no look at the classic yellow hood yet.

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters July 26.

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