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The Deadpool Corps are back, and they’ve stolen an artifact from Star Wars

Into the Deadpoolverse? That’s right, Wade Wilson’s multiverse strike force has returned

Deadpool Corps
Image credit: Marvel
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Deadpool: Badder Blood #3!!
Deadpool Corps reunites
Image credit: Marvel

If you thought one Deadpool was hard to take, then imagine what an entire team of them must be like. That’s right, the Deadpool Corps are back, and we’re going to need more empanadas. The Deadpool Corp make their grand return in Deadpool: Badder Blood #3 (written by Rob Liefeld and Chad Bowers, art by Rob Liefeld), or so it seems. They may or may not be a sentient simulation – more on that in a little bit. First, let’s briefly breakdown who they are.

The Deadpool Corps are a group of Wade Wilson’s multiverse doppelgangers. The members seen in this issue are Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, Headpool (a severed zombie head version of Deadpool), Kid Deadpool, and a Captain Universe version of Deadpool.

Some of you might think this is a rip-off of Spider-Verse and the recent trend of multiverse teams but check your history books. The Deadpool Corps debuted in the 2010 limited series Prelude to Deadpool Corps, which was published 4 years before the original Spider-Verse event (yes, we know about the 1994 cartoon, but that doesn’t count). If anything, Deadpool started the trend, and Spidey should be paying him royalties.

Deadpool is a bit surprised to see them, because he thought most of the group had died in the 2013 limited series Deadpool Kills Deadpool. It turns out that this version of the Deadpool Corps is a simulation that gained sentience. Deadpool is currently trapped in a sentient tesseract known as Killville, which is creating a virtual reality world.

“Nothing’s off limits. Not the past, present, or the future. It makes the what ifs…whatevers. And we’re kind of sick of it,” Lady Deadpool says. To drive the point home, Kid Deadpool gives Deadpool a lightsaber. Yes, a lightsaber from Star Wars. Guess what, thanks to Deadpool’s meta-awareness and Killville’s “anything goes” rules, lightsabers now exist in the Marvel Universe. What are you going to do about it Disney, sue yourselves?

Will the return of the Deadpool Corps lead to an Oscar-winning animated film and a Post Malone soundtrack? Probably not, but it sure is fun to see them again.

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