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It took 24 years, but Hugh Jackman finally looks like Marvel's Wolverine (with white eyes even!)

Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine did the one thing Fox never could - get Hugh Jackman in a Wolverine suit

Image credit: Marvel

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In what may be the longest costume tease in the history of cinema, Hugh Jackman will finally be donning the comic-accurate Wolverine mask for this year's Deadpool & Wolverine. As first discovered by The Hollywood Reporter, Hugh Jackman's MCU Wolverine costume is being shown off here at CinemaCon. Take a look:

Image credit: ReedPop

The photo was taken at this year's CinemaCon, where heaps of movie news has been coming out (and reported on by Popverse's own Tiffany Babb) every hour.

Exciting though the image is, let us take this opportunity to remind you - this is not technically the first live-action Wolverine mask we've seen in a Marvel movie. In a deleted scene released with the DVD of James Mangold's The Wolverine, Jackman as Logan opened a briefcase to reveal a dual-pointed mask in the style of Wolverine's famous X-Men outfit. However, the scene was, as we said, not used, and the reveal never went anywhere.

And not to even further harsh your high (we really are excited about this, we promise!), but this mask may only make one big screen appearance, as there's no guarantee (and even some doubt) as to whether Hugh Jackman will return as the character in the rest of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Then again, the future of the MCU is very much up in the air right now, and if what gets folks into seats is Wolverine in comic-accurate attire, then keeps those hopes up, True Believers. Maybe we'll even see his swimsuit special jeanshorts one day.

(Worth a Google, if you don't know.)

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