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Doctor Strange director's 2014 chiller staring another Marvel alumni is the top scary movie on Netflix

The mostly forgotten horror film has gotten a boost from the current Halloween season

Eric Bana in Deliver Us From Evil
Image credit: Screen Gems

There is a lot to love about 2014’s Deliver Us From Evil. It's creepy and atmospheric, featuring a fantastic cast that elevates a trope-heavy script. Scott Derrickson was already one of the best horror directors in Hollywood at the time and his vision and skill behind the camera give this movie a suitably unsettling vibe. If you missed it upon release, it is worth giving it a watch during this spooky season, something that audiences are discovering now that it has become the top scary movie on Netflix.

Despite a generic title and a script that feels like several iconic horror films were thrown into a blender to see what happened, Deliver Us From Evil is wonderfully atmospheric and highlights why Scott Derrickson was such an inspired choice to direct the first Doctor Strange movie a few years later. Eric Bana, who also shares a Marvel connection from his turn as Bruce Banner in Ang Lee’s poorly-received Hulk film, stars as a New York cop who finds himself facing literal demons in the exorcism-centered plot.

Halloween is a time when all horror films, no matter how forgettable they seem, get a bit of a boost on streaming services like Netflix, so it isn’t too surprising to see Deliver Us From Evil become the second-most streamed movie in the US. It might not be the best effort from Derrickson, but it is certainly more appropriate for a scary movie night than other films on Netflix recently.

Despite Hollywood being caught in the middle of several strikes this year, there are still plenty of films coming to theaters and streaming platforms in the next few months that you won’t want to miss.

Trent Cannon

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