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Disney's Rogers the Musical's cast album proves that weird ideas can become reality

You can stream this all day

Rogers The Musical
Image credit: Disney California Adventure

If ever you needed proof that no idea is too niche, too "out there" to pursue, may I just inform you of this one fact: the cast album for Rogers: The Musical — the fake musical about the life of Captain America created for one scene in 2021’s Hawkeye that somehow, against all odds, turned into a full show people could actually go and see at Disney California Adventure Park — is now available to stream online.

Yes, as unlikely as it should seem, all 12 tracks from the 30-minute show (to be fair, it’s really just seven songs and some reprises) can be streamed on Spotify from the comfort of your preferred listening nook. Want to hear “I Want You,” as performed by Josey Montana McCoy? It’s right there. Craving the group number “Save The City” with Bella Hicks, Andrew Huber, Luke Monday, Alex Karukas, and the rest of the cast? All it’ll take is a click of that play button. (“Save the City” is the one that appeared in Hawkeye as a Hamilton-inspired gag, back in 2021; it’s actually written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, two real-life Broadway composers.)

The show’s journey from one-off joke to actual thing started with the fan response to the scene in the first Hawkeye episode; that, in turn, prompted both the song’s inclusion in the end credits of the series’ final episode, as well as a live performance as D23 Expo in 2022; once that went over well, Disney Live Performances got involved, and what had been one song became a full, if short, show that ran this summer at performed at the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.

The final performance of Rogers: The Musical took place August 31, leaving this album as its sole legacy… at least until someone mounts a revival. Think of the album as your chance to learn the songs before the show makes a comeback — and a reminder that, honestly, weird things can happen to stranger ideas to make them real all the time.

Rogers the Musical's cast album tracklist:

  • 1. U.S Opening Night
  • 2. I Want You
  • 3. Star-Spangled Man
  • 4. Just One Dance (Preprise)
  • 5. Star-Spangled Man (Reprise) /Just One Dance (Preprise 2)
  • 6. What You Missed
  • 7. Save the City
  • 8. Save the City (Playoff)
  • 9. End Of The Line
  • 10. Just One Dance
  • 11. Rogers: The Musical Finale - Save The City (Reprise)
  • 12. Rogers: The Musical (Playoff)

Admit it; this is just making you want to rewatch Hawkeye. We’re ready to help make that happen.

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