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Doctor Who: A review of the Fourteenth Doctor Diamond Anniversary Build-A-Bear Bundle

He comes with a sonic!

Promotional image of Fourteenth Doctor bear
Image credit: Popverse

Yesterday, I got one of the most exciting texts you can get from a friend during the holidays: There's a box for you outside. Not only do the holidays come with the general joy of exchanging gifts with loved ones, it also comes with some pretty cool stuff too, because that box included another familiar looking box, modeled after the Doctor's TARDIS.

And inside that cardboard TARDIS, was a bear.

Photograph of bear in TARDIS box
Image credit: Popverse

Oh yes, my friend had bought be the Fourteenth Doctor Build-A-Bear, and it's pretty cool, so I figured I'd give it a bit of a review.

The bear is branded as the "Doctor Who Fourteenth Doctor Diamond Anniversary Bear," and you can see the branding on the bear itself, as it has not only two little blue hearts stitched to its chest, but little Doctor Who branded paw pads on the bottom of his feet.

Photograph of bear with two Doctor Who hearts
Image credit: Popverse
Photograph of Doctor Who branding on bear foot
Image credit: Popverse

Along with the bear, you get accessories including tiny brown glasses, a little stuffed sonic screwdriver that makes a sonic sound when you squeeze it, and a pair of bear-sized black shoes.

Photograph of accessories that come with bear
Image credit: Popverse

Plus, of course, the Fourteenth Doctor's already-iconic suit with the grey square tie.

Photograph of Fourteenth Doctor outfit
Image credit: Popverse

It only took a few minutes to dress the bear in its clothes and accessories (faster than I expected), and when dressed, he really does kind of look like David Tennant. The eyes on the bear were askew enough to notice, which may be an issue for some considering the bear bundle's regular hefty price tag of $74.50 (though it's currently on sale at $67.05).

Photograph of dressed bear
Image credit: Popverse

Overall, I think this bear is pretty impressive, as tie-ins go. The detailing from the little bear clothes to the sonic screwdriver are all so on-point and fun, that you really can't help but fall in love. If you've got a die-hard Doctor Who fan in your life who also loves stuffed animals, this may be the perfect present.

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