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Doctor Who isn't just for Brits anymore - hello world!

The new, new Who looks to be a relaunch for global audiences

Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in a promotional poster
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With the trio of announcements that 1) Disney+ will co-produce Doctor Who 2) The Doctor Who anniversary specials will be debuting at the same time in the UK as for global audiences and 3) the new season of the show is getting renumbered to season 1, it seems like there's only one conclusion to draw: Doctor Who is getting a soft relaunch for global audiences.

Now this is probably to no surprise for many fans. Though Doctor Who really began to make tracks in the United States with the relaunch of New Who in 2005, actually watching the show has always been a bit of a process (and a wait). It seemed like only a matter of time before someone just sat down to streamline the process.

But these changes aren't just affecting distribution of course. With this global launch will likely come narrative changes angled at global audiences, due to Disney+'s co-production status with the show. How big these changes are, will only become apparent with time, but it seems unlikely that Disney+ would throw in with a show that is aimed solely at UK audiences with only hopes of breakout potential.

This soft relaunch will be helped by the fact that the newest Doctor will be played by Ncuti Gatwa who is already a familiar face for many international audiences since his role in hit Netflix show Sex Education and turn as Ken in this year's summer blockbuster Barbie.

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