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Doctor Who shows off the future of the Time Lord at London's MCM!

No, that's not a time travel joke; fans can see the costumes for both the 14th and 15th Doctors ahead of their TV debut

Doctor Who at MCM London Oct 2023
Image credit: Popverse

As only befits a series centering around a time traveler, MCM London attendees have a chance to glimpse the future of Doctor Who ahead of the show’s return next month for its 60th anniversary. On the show floor at the ExCeL London is a booth featuring new key art for the show’s return — including new cast members Ncudi Gatwa and Millie Gibson — and the costumes of both the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors.

Even if the opportunity to admire the Fifteenth Doctor’s finery wasn’t enough — and, really, look at it; it should be! That orange sweater with the houndstooth suit?!? — those attending the booth also have the opportunity to pick up all manner of merchandise to mark both the upcoming diamond anniversary of the series, and its imminent return to screens with the first of three anniversary special episodes, with books, apparel, and toys featuring new designs, familiar characters, and more. Of particular note is a new collected edition of the early Marvel comic strips based on the show from the late 1970s. One of those strips…? Pat Mills, John Wagner, and Dave Gibbons’ “The Star Beast,” which has been adapted as the first of the new special episodes. (Synergy!)

'The Star Beast' will, of course, feature David Tennant’s full return as the Doctor — the Fourteenth Doctor, not the Tenth, as he’d previously played — and that costume is also on show at the booth, to prime a new generation of cosplayers with the source material.

Take a look at the costumes, and the new key art for the upcoming season of the show, in the gallery below. And prepare for the arrival of “The Star Beast,” which will debut in the US on Disney+ November 25.

Want to catch up on Doctor Who before the anniversary? We’ve got you covered.

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