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Doctor Who: How to stream the Doctors' adventures from the past, to the present, to the future with May 10's series 15

For once, the question isn't "when we are," but "where." Here's how to watch Classic to Modern Doctor Who, across the internet

Doctor Who
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There's never been a more exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan. Of course, the Doctor will be the first to tell you that "time" is a relative term, and that technically all of history is the most exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan if you have a time machine. Not many of us do, though, so being around for the 60th Anniversary special is just about as exciting as it gets.

What's been great about this milestone is that it gives pre-existing fans an excuse to delve back into the half-century's worth of history behind the show, and gives enthusiastic newcomers an excuse to dip their toes into the franchise for the first time. Whether you're a seasoned Whovian or a TARDIS tenderfoot, you're going to need a place (er, places) to stream all 60 years' worth of TV. That's why I've compiled this, Popverse's streaming guide to Doctor Who. Enjoy.

Is Doctor Who on Max?

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Let's begin with the modern era of the universe's favorite Time Lord, the series widely known as Modern Who. That is, the part of the show that was rekindled in 2003 after a fourteen-year hiatus. All of these episodes, which features the adventures of the Ninth to Thirteenth Doctor, are available on Max.

But, as we've already discussed, the Modern era isn't the only one Doctor Who covers, so let's talk about where you can find the first run, widely known as Classic Who, which ran from 1963 to 1989.

Is Doctor Who on BritBox?

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The first way you can stream Classic Doctor Who is by subscribing to BritBox, which features every episode of the old series save for a few lost entires from the very early seasons of the show. Check out BritBox's catalogue for Doctors One through Seven, plus the Doctor Who TV movie, which features the Eighth Doctor. It's a pretty sizable reward for a small price, especially considering that, as I'm writing this, BritBox is offering a Black Friday sale.

And yet, you do still have to ay for BritBox. If you're wallet's pretty thin these days (and let's face it, that's the case for most of us), it makes getting into Classic Doctor Who harder. If only there were a place where you could watch some of those classic episodes for free...

Is Doctor Who on Tubi?

Image credit: BBC

Come on, I wouldn't bring up the idea of free Doctor Who and not tell you where to find it, would I? Though it's not as extensive as BritBox's catalogue, Tubi's Classic Doctor Who offerings won't cost you a penny, although you will have to watch some ads. Still, that's a small sacrifice to make for over five hundred episodes of tantalizing Time Lord tales.

Alright, so we've covered where to stream Doctor Who's present era, as well as where to check out its past. But just like the titular time-traveler, the series is not coming to an end anytime soon, so let's talk about where you can stream Doctor Who...

(space voice)

In the future!

Is Doctor Who on Disney+?

Image credit: BBC

Maybe "the future" is a little dramatic. After all, the latest Doctor Who is actually streaming on Disney+ right now. That is, the 60th Anniversary specials, specifically. But the thing is, after this special, the BBC is starting fresh, calling the next season of Doctor Who 'Season One' (in actuality, series 15) and streaming exclusively on Disney+ outside the UK. So if you want to keep up with Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor, you'll have to pay the Mouse.

Doctor Who season one (series 15) debuts May 10 and 11 on Disney+ and BBC.

Now that you know the where of getting into Whodom, learn the how by checking out Popverse's Doctor Who watch order.

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