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Dune: All the movies & TV shows Warner Bros. has planned after Dune: Part Two

One confirmed project plus hopes for another big screen outing are on the horizon for planet Arrakis

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Dune: Part Two hits theaters March 1, but the world is already wondering what comes next. It's a fair question - there's a great deal of Dune lore outside what's going to be on screen when the second half of Denis Villeneuve's epic adaptation hits theaters.

In fact, it's a question we're asking here in the gilded halls of Popverse, and since we tend to share this kind of thing, we thought we might let you in on what we've found. Join us for this little roundup of what's next for the Dune franchise, and keep an eye out for sandworms.

The Dune prequel

We do our best not to quash any fans' hopes for the future of their favorite franchise, but as of this writing, only one Dune project has been officially greenlit. Announced by Deadline in 2019, that project is a prequel to the Dune films, set to be a streaming show headed to Max. Originally titled Dune: The Sisterhood, the project is now going by the title Dune: Prophecy.

Perhaps to avoid competition with acolytes of the Traveling Pants.

What will the Dune prequel be about?

Produced by Legendary TV, Dune: Prophecy will see the establishment of the Bene Gesserit, the order of women with extraordinary mental powers that plays a massive role in shaping the history and future of the planet Arrakis. The streaming series will be a prequel in the strongest sense of the word, set over 10,000 years before the events of Dune: Part One.

Who has been cast in Dune: Propchey?

Dune: Prophecy is focused on a pair of sisters that will come to organize the Bene Gesserit: Valya and Tula Harkonnen. Both of these characters have already been cast, with Emily Watson playing Valya and Olivia Williams playing Tula. Also appearing in the series are:

  • Jodhi May as Empress Natalya
  • Sarah-Sofie Boussnina as Princess Ynez
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin as Mikaela
  • Faoileann Cunningham as Sister Jen
  • Aoife Hinds as Sister Emeline
  • Chloe Lea as Lila
  • Travis Fimmel as Desmond Hart
  • Mark Strong as Emperor Javicco Corrino
  • Jade Anouka as Sister Theodosia
  • Chris Mason as Keiran Atreides

When does Dune: Prophecy come out?

Unfortunately, a precise release date for Dune: Prophecy is yet to be announced. We know from a TV Line article posted in November of 2023 that HBO is aiming to release the project in fall of 2024, but exactly when during the fall is still unknown.

Where can I watch Dune: Prophecy?

As we mentioned earlier, and as you probably gathered from the above paragraph, Dune: Prophecy is an HBO product and will be available to stream on Max.

That's pretty much the basics of what you need to know about Dune's voyage to the small screen, but if you're reading this article, there's probably one giant question still on your mind...

Will there be a Dune: Part 3?

Let's get the bad news out of the way: there is no official confirmation Dune: Part Three. However, that doesn't mean there aren't a littany of fans interested in seeing a third film happen... including the guy who made the first two.

In an interview with Empire from October of 2023, Denis Villeneuve expressed interest in making his duology a trilogy, even going so far as to reveal the source of a possible Part Three. That is, Dune: Messiah, Frank Herbert's second novel in the Dune series and continuation of the Paul Atreides story.

"Dune: Messiah was written in reaction to the fact that people perceived Paul Atreides as a hero,” says the director. “Which is not what [author Herbert] wanted to do. My adaptation [of Dune] is closer to his idea that it’s actually a warning."

Let's hope that it's a warning we get to hear.

Dune: Part Two hits theaters March 1, 2024. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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