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Editor Joe Illidge goes behind the curtain on the comic book industry

"[We need to] negotiate a better relationship." writer and editor Joseph P. Illidge says

Joseph P. Illidge, known across the comic book industry for his contributions as a writer, an editor, and an executive, chatted recently with Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson on a live episode of Enter the Popverse about joining the Popverse family. Illidge has penned a series of insightful features about the complex issues in the current comic book industry. Including several thought-provoking examinations of exactly what is going on right now, illuminating what creators and consumers need to keep an eye out for contrasted with hopeful looks at what the comic book industry is getting right.

Fortunately for us, Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson sat down with Illidge to distill these musings down to a single question with a complicated answer: what is going on with comics right now?

"[We need to] negotiate a better relationship." Illidge tells Popverse simply, “So that the client gets what the client wants and we get what we want. Right? And, so that's where we need to get to.”

Here is our 7-minute interview clip from Joseph P. Illidge's interview on Enter the Popverse.

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