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Exclusive excerpt: Searching for the man behind the genius in Jim Ottaviani and Jerel Dye's Einstein

Jim Ottaviani and Jerel Dye's Einstein hopes to dispel the myth that Einstein did poorly in school

Cropped image of Einstein cover featuring an illustration of Einstein against an orange background with formulas written on it
Image credit: First Second

Everyone knows about Albert Einstein and his legendary equation that changed the world (E = mc², in case you didn't), but not everybody knows who Einstein actually was. Einstein, a new graphic biography from Jim Ottaviani (Two-Fisted Science: Stories About Scientists) and Jerel Dye (Pigs Might Fly) and published by First Second, dives into Einstein's life, dispelling some of those tricky myths that have stuck to his reputation to today.

About the project, Jim Ottaviani says, "This shows the origin of the myth that Einstein did poorly in school, and in math. Like most myths, it's a fun story that we want to be true, in this case because most of us had trouble with math or school (or both!) at some point, so it’s comforting to share that with this iconic genius. Unfortunately for us, he was in fact good at math, and his problems in school were mostly in the eyes of teachers who didn’t like having their authority challenged!"

Artist Jerel Dye adds, "The first real eye opener for me when working on this book was realizing what a bold and confident young man Einstein was. It didn't quite match the iconic picture in my head. But he was smart, and he knew it. That is a dangerous combination in a teenager!"

Check out an exclusive excerpt of the graphic biography below:

Einstein will be published by First Second on November 15. Pre-order a copy from your local bookstore or comics shop today.

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