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ECCC 2023: The exclusive Emerald City, Star Wars, Grishaverse, TMNT, and other merchandise available at the Seattle show

A rundown of the biggest bits of exclusive shirts, pins, Funkos, and more available at ECCC 2023

Emerald City Comic Con 2023 merchandise
Image credit: ReedPop

Emerald City Comic Con is returning for its 20th anniversary on March 2 through 5, 2023 in the newly-renovated Seattle Convention Center - and in addition to the photos you can take to remember it all, there will also be exclusive merchandise to get for your collection, or get as a gift.

This year, ECCC has created numerous bits of exclusive merchandise for the occasion - and in addition to it being show merch, there'll also be exclusive items from Star Wars, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the GrishaVerse.

And if you're a Funko fanatic... among the exclusive merchandise being offered by Emerald City Comic Con at this year's event will be an all-new Funko Pop featuring the con mascot, Crusaderette. This will be an exclusive black light variant edition, limited to 3000 pieces.

Here's a list of all of the exclusive ECCC merchandise revealed for this year's event. You can purchase this March 2 through 5 at Emerald City Comic Con 2023.

Emerald City Comic official merchandise

ECCC 2023 T-shirts

  • ECCC 2023 Official T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Official Ladies T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Official Youth T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Spirit Jersey
  • ECCC 2023 Official Hoodie
  • ECCC 2023 Flower Range Unisex T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Flower Range Ladies T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Flower Range Youth T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Floating City T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Strange Beasts Adult T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Strange Beasts Youth T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Travel Poster T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Class of 2023 T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Beam Me Up T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 City Scape T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 20th Anni Key Art T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Page Turner T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Celestial Squatch T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Darn Fine T-Shirt
  • ECCC 2023 Serene Squirrel T-Shirt
  • ECCC x Jiji Knight T-Shirt
  • ECCC x Butts on Things T-Shirt

ECCC 2023 Pins & Keychains

  • Beam Me Up keychain
  • Official ECCC 2023 pin
  • ECCC 2023 Pennant pin
  • School House Sasquatch ECCC 2023 pin

ECCC 2023 bags

  • ECCC 2023 Grocery tote
  • ECCC 2023 Flower Range tote

ECCC 2023 stickers

  • ECCC 2023 Beam Me Up sticker
  • ECCC 2023 cassette sticker
  • ECCC 2023 Mountains sticker
  • ECCC 2023 official sticker
  • ECCC 2023 School House Sasquatch sticker

Other ECCC 2023 merchandise

  • ECCC 2023 lanyard
  • ECCC 2023 Critter shot glass
  • ECCC 2023 hand fan
  • ECCC 2023 Key art poster
  • ECCC 2023 Mountain mug
  • ECCC 2023 Mountscape magnet
  • ECCC 2023 Mushroom hat
  • ECCC 2023 official hoodie

Her Universe / ReedPop exclusive merchandise

  • Her Universe Doctor Strange hoodie
  • Her Universe A Nightmare Before Christmas button-up top
  • Her Universe Peter Pan dress
  • Her Universe Star Wars colorblock hoodie
  • Her Universe Star Wars colorblock shorts
  • Her Universe Star Wars tie-dye fashion top
  • Our Universe Black Panther t-shirt
  • Our Universe Doctor Who long-sleeve shirt
  • OUr Universe Mandalorian slub t-shirt
  • Our Universe Marvel pullover shirt
  • Our Universe Thor and Loki hoodie

Grishaverse exclusive merchandise

  • ECCC x Grishaverse Exclusive Ice Court T-Shirt
  • Grishaverse Corporalki T-Shirt
  • Grishaverse Etherealki T-Shirt
  • Grishaverse Inej's Knives T-Shirt
  • Grishaverse Materialki T-Shirt/li>
  • Grishaverse Nesting Dolls Sticker Set
  • Grishaverse Scheming Face Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  • Grishaverse Sturmhond T-Shirt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pins

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph pin

ReedPop ECCC 2023 merchandise
Image credit: ReedPop

Cowboy Bebop Faye and Spike pin set

ReedPop ECCC 2023 merchandise
Image credit: ReedPop

Power Rangers Geeki Tiki 5-pack

Star Wars' Stormtrooper Geeki Tiki stack

ReedPop ECCC 2023 merchandise
Image credit: ReedPop

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