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Problem with your cosplay? Don't despair—head over to Cosplay Repair!

The Cosplay Repair room is a lifesaver for cosplayers who have run into mishaps

Jessica Mcgee and Bryce Mcgee sitting at the cosplay repair table with supplies behind them
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Note: Emerald City Comic Con's 2023 Cosplay Repair station is located in Room 444

One of the most useful rooms in the Seattle Convention Center during Emerald City Comic Con is the Cosplay Repair room on TCC Chelan Level 2. This mecca of supplies includes hot glue, mini screwdrivers, bobby pins, and (most importantly) very passionate cosplayer volunteers from the Pacific Northwest Guild of Cosplayers ready to fix shoes, fabric tears, and even a Dalek—all for free.

As for who is behind this cosplay repair room-- the Pacific Northwest Guild of Cosplayers has been around since 2018. They have been volunteering with cosplay repair at smaller cons for years. This will be the second year that the organization has volunteered at Emerald City and the first time that they have a dedicated room all to themselves.

Volunteer Jessica Mcgee says that her favorite parts of volunteering with cosplay repair is working with kids and showcasing healthy boundaries and open conversation about clothes, costume building, and consent. One other interesting recent change, Mcgee says, is the growing popularity of using electrical parts of cosplays including LEDs, "We have to up our game."

Jesse Grey is one of the founding members of the Guild, and explains that the Guild is "a community built on a hobby that is, in nature, temporary." Grey adds that the group is about building real friendship that lasts outside of the momentary meeting and connection between cosplayers at events.

Sounds like a worthy mission!

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