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Connie Nielsen joins this week's Enter the Popverse

Also, Ashley V. Robinson talks Batman, C2E2 and the end of Ike Perlmutter at Disney!

Enter the Popverse Ep 8
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If it’s Friday, then that means it’s time for the highlight of our week (and maybe yours as well): Enter the Popverse returns for its latest weekly installment, with a very special guest: Connie Nielsen. Yes, that Connie Nielsen.

Enter the Popverse’s very own Ashley V. Robinson chats to the Danish superstar about a number of things, especially her new series, The Dreamer - Becoming Karen Blixen, based on the life story of the author known her memoir Out of Africa, and short story Babette’s Feast, both of which were made into critically acclaimed, award-winning movies.

That’s not all, of course; Ashley will also be talking about the new animated feature Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham, the highlights of this weekend’s C2E2, and Graeme McMillan — that’s me writing this, hi — will be joining to talk about Ike Perlmutter’s dismissal from Disney and just what that might mean for Marvel in the bigger picture.

It’s going to be a packed show, so tune in for the eighth episode of Enter the Popverse when it goes live on YouTube (and here) Friday, March 31 at 1pm EST. Watch below.

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Go back and revisit the past Enter the Popverse episodes. You’ll be glad you did.

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