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Justice League x RWBY stars descend upon this week's Enter the Popverse!

Popverse's weekly video series sees the cast of the animated movie explain all to host Ashley V. Robinson

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It’s Friday, May 12, and the weekend is starting right here with the latest installment of our weekly video series, Enter the Popverse — this week, with the added ingredient of the cast and creators of the animated feature, Justice League x RWBY.

Last month saw the release of Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen Part One — to give the movie its full title — and Enter the Popverse host Ashley Victoria Robinson is here to talk to Arryn Zech (Blake), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), David Errigo Jr. (The Flash/Rolf), Jeannie Tirado (Green Lantern), Kara Eberle (Weiss), and Lindsay Jones (Ruby) from the movie’s cast, as well as director Kerry Shawcross and screenwriter Meghan Fitzmartin, about what the project means to their characters and to them personally. (In three words or less, no less!)

As good as that might be, there’s even more, as Ashley is also joined by Popverse staff writer Graeme McMillan — who is getting better about writing about himself in the third person — to talk about the WGA strike, its origins, and what it could mean as it continues. (This segment was recorded ahead of the news that Marvel Studios has been hit twice by the strike, but you can read about that right here.)

You can watch this week’s Enter the Popverse live when it debuts Friday, May 12 at 1pm EST, or simply come back later to watch at your leisure.

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