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Spider-Man's Preeti Chhibber and The Nib's Matt Bors Enter the Popverse

Enter the Popverse welcomes a Spider-Man YA author and one of the world's most popular political cartoonists

Enter the Popverse May 25, 2023
Image credit: Popverse

Our weekly video series Enter The Popverse returns on Friday, May 25 with not one but two guests: Spider-Man YA comics writer Preeti Chhibber, and political cartoonist and publisher Matt Bors.

Chhibber will be on to talk about her various Marvel and Spider-Man YA books, as well as her next prose novel: Spider-Man's Bad Connection. Coming out September 5, Bad Connection picks up after Chhibber's previous novel and delves into Peter Parker's early days. In this one, Peter hits the jackpot as Mary Jane becomes his girlfriend.

Enter the Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson will also talk live with Matt Bors, founder of the iconic political cartooning outlet The Nib - which recently announced its unfortunate imminent closure.

In addition to that, Popverse's Graeme McMillan will return to the show to talk about recent changes in the landscape of North American comics. There's been some shake-ups behind the scenes with Image Comics and ComiXology, and he's the perfect person to talk to about that - and whatever else happens between when I'm writing this and when the Enter the Popverse cameras start rolling.

You can watch this week's Enter the Popverse live Friday, May 25 beginning at 1 p.m. EST - or come back later for the full replay.

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