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Every Batcave needs a Batman, and soon comic shops will have a life-size Dark Knight of their own thanks to DC & Jorge Jimenez

A Batman standee built to sell comics. It seems like a no-brainer.

Image credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

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If you're a Batman fan of any stripe, you're probably looking for something new and magnificent to add to your personal Batcave. And now, DC has just the thing that no Batcave would be complete without.


DC is making a life-size Batman standee. Why? For comic shops to sell Batman comics.

Batman standee
Image credit: DC

This Batman standee is in conjunction with a retailer-only sale on 175 key Batman comics. The standee is using art by long-time Batman series artist Jorge Jimenez - specifically, a design of Batman drawn for James Tynion IV's tenure on the Batman titles.

This Batman standee isn't the first one of these DC has done - they've done it previously as tie-ins to DC-based comic book movies and TV shows such as The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Sandman, but this is the first in recent memory using comics to promote... comics? This standee will fit 24 standard graphic novels, or 120 comic books.

So... how much is the Batman standee? It will cost retailers $75, but comic shops can get one for free if they order at least 30 copies of the 175 key Batman comics DC is promoting this season. The Batman standee is estimated to arrive in comic shops May 28, but orders must be placed by March 24.

For those reading who aren't a comic shop but want one of these, I recommend you reach out to your local comic shop and see if you can work out a deal to buy one of theirs.

If you're looking for Batman comics worthy of a display like these, check out our recent Batman comic recommendations.

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