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Fargo season finale leads to a unique baking partnership with Bisquick

Now you can make Dot's Tiger biscuits at home!

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If you're watching FX's Fargo, the recent finale to the show's fifth season may have left you craving some delicious homemade biscuits. While I won't delve into spoilers in an article like this (it's all still too raw for me), I can tell you that episode - and the all-important emotional beat that the particular pancake brand Bisquick was a part of - has led to an unlikely, but oddly tasty, partnership.

Bisquick has stepped up to create a Fargo-version of their popular biscuit mix, but there's a problem for fans who want to recreate the final moments of the show for themselves: You can only get it in the Fargo-esque location of a single grocery store in Scandia, Minnesota. It went on sale Monday, February 20 and will presumably only be available while supplies last.

The Fargo-branded special edition Bisquick box comes complete with a recipe for the homemade 'Tiger' bisuits made by Fargo character Dot (played by Juno Temple). Don't forget the all-important additional ingredient, though. (Spoilers: it's love.)

How did Bisquick partner with Fargo?

Image credit: Pereira O'Dell

Apparently, Fargo didn't seek permission or inform Bisquick of its plans to use the brand in the episode. It was only when the episode aired that the ad agency that Bisquick owner General Mills employs, Pereira O'Dell, realized what was happening - and the opportunity therein.

Where can I get the Fargo biscuit mix from Bisquick?

The grocery store where you can by this special eidtion Bisquick box is based in the real-life hometown of Dot, Scandia, Minnesota - and a local co-op, Federated Co-Ops Scandia Country Store.

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