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Family is still everything in the first Fast X trailer

The final chapter of the Fast & Furious franchise is about to begin

Fast X
Image credit: Universal Studios

As if this weekend's Super Bowl didn’t already seem like enough of a family occasion, Universal just made it official with the release of the first glimpse at this summer’s newest addition to the Fast & Furious series: Fast X.

The first half of a two-movie grand finale for the entire Fast & Furious series, Fast X sees Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto and his extended family — hi Letty, Roman, Tej, Han, and Ramsey, amongst many others — have to deal with the return of Charlize Theron’s evil genius Cipher, alongside a brand new threat, who dominates this trailer.

Take a look at what’s to come:

“I know that this road has been very hard,” Rita Moreno’s Abuela Torino tells the assembled crew at the start of the new trailer, “And yet here you are, building this magnificent family.” But if things were hard before, it’s nothing compared to the explosive threat posed by new villain Dante, played by Jason Momoa. Or, as Dante puts it, “boom.”

What should we expect from Fast X? Judging from the trailer, a surprising callback to 2011’s Fast Five — the movie that arguably transformed the franchise from what the fun racing series it had been to the stunt-driven juggernaut that it’s become in the past few years — and a bad guy out for revenge for a thematically appropriate reason that’ll resonate for all fans of the franchise: family. Oh, and lots of outrageous stunts and explosions, as well, which is the other reason we love these movies so much.

Because it’s the beginning of the end, expect appearances from a number of familiar faces from throughout the series in this penultimate offering as teased in this trailer, including Helen Mirren’s Queen, Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. If rumors are to be believed, Gal Gadot’s Gisele might show up as well, too. But that’s not all; the movie also features some more new additions to the family, including the legendary Rita Moreno, and Brie Larson as Tess. With this many big name actors sharing the screen, no wonder Fast X is a two-parter.

Written by Fast & Furious guiding light Justin Lin alongside Dan Mazeau, Fast X is directed by Louis Letrrier; the movie is scheduled to speed into theaters May 19. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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