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Fence Challengers: Long Shot sees Boom!'s popular sports romance level up once again

The new six-issue series by creators C.S. Pascat and Johanna the Mad launches this July

Fence Challengers: Long Shot #1
Image credit: Johanna the Mad/Boom! Studios

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Training time is over — but for the fencers from Kings Row, that just mean that the stakes are getting even higher when fan-favorite comic series Fence returns from Boom! Studios this summer.

In the brand-new Fence Challengers: Long Shot series, the Kings Row fencers have left Halverton Training Camp and are headed to the State Championships, burdened by the expectations that come with being the underdogs in the next big competition. (As well as the romantic and interpersonal entanglements that are part of every single Fence storyline to date, to the delight of fans.)

“The State championship begins! Everything the boys of Fence have fought for is on the line,” promised said series co-creator C.S. Pacat in a statement from the publisher. “Get ready for some epic showdowns — this is my favorite volume yet!”

Pascat’s long-term collaborator and co-creator Johanna the Mad added, “Kings Row heads on to a new challenge and they will need a lot more than just skill! I hope readers enjoy diving into this new chapter as much as we do creating it!”

Fence originally debuted in 2017, inspired by Pascat’s love of sports manga and her own experience with high school fencing; the series has gone on to become a favorite of fans and critics alike, as well as being nominated for a GLAAD Media award.

Fence Challengers: Long Shot #1 will be released July 24, featuring cover art from Johanna the Mad and Noah Dao; see both covers, and a preview of interior artwork, in the gallery below.

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