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Check Out the New Merch From NYCC x MCM's Metaverse 2020

Gotta buy them all!

New York Comic Con and MCM Comic Con have released brand new Metaverse merch!

NYCC x MCM’s Metaverse will take place from October 8-11, with panels streaming exclusively on YouTube, celebrity meet & greets, autographs, talent Q&A’s, and much more. It’s everything you love about conventions from the comfort of your home. And what’s a con without merch? There are no long lines here either so there’s nothing stopping you from getting your hands on these sweet, sweet items. 

Check out everything available for purchase from badges and pins to a tie dye kit which lets you decorate your own New York Comic Con or MCM shirt! View all the merch ReedPop has to offer from all of your favorite cons here.

MCM Tie Dye Kit - $65 

NYCC 2020 Tie Dye Kit - $65 

MCM 2020 I Wasn’t There T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 I Wasn’t There T-Shirt - $27

Long Live NYCC 2020 T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Greeting From T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Unisex Hero Clothes Line T-Shirt - $27

NYCC Ladies Hero Clothes Line T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Retro T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Skyline T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Year of the Pizza Rat T-Shirt - $27

NYCC Pizza Rat T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Pizza Rat Plush - $18

NYCC Logo T-Shirt - $27

NYCC 2020 Torch Raglan - $30 

NYCC 2020 Exclusive Hoodie - $55

NYCC 15th Edition Face Mask Set of 3 - $25

Comic Can’t Shot Glass - $10

NYCC 2020 Dragon Tentacle Kitty - $18

Pre-Order NYCC 2020 15th Edition Pin - $10

NYCC Exclusive Alignment Pin Set - $35

NYCC 2020 Magnet - $4

Set of 4 Postcards - $8

Metaverse Comic Can’t Sticker Set - $11

NYCC Halloween Sticker Set by Chris Uminga - $11

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