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Which Future World Would You Choose to Live In?

Futures, rated.

As fans, we love to step into fictional worlds, and explore what our potential futures may hold. Amazon Prime Original The Expanse provides a realistic look at what a civilization might look like in hundreds of years from now. 

Our favorite books, games, and movies have imagined and reimagined our future in countless different ways. From the chromed out cyberpunk future of Night City to the darkest timeline to 1984, it’s clear that our future can take one of many radically different courses.

Of course, who knows what’s accurate? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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These are some of our favorite fictional worlds of the future, and whether or not we’d want to live in them. 

The Expanse: Same Problems, New Tech

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Expanse Always Seems To Predict The Future. Here's How

The Expanse is probably one of the more achievable looks at the future. We’ve got space travel bound by our current understanding of physics, rail guns, and artificial intelligence that isn’t constantly trying to kill us. Well… two out of three ain’t bad. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Final Verdict: 9/10

Cyberpunk 2077: Ultra Capitalist, Ultra Customizable

How to Get Started in Cyberpunk 2077 (and Have Fun)
Image credit: CD Projekt Red

Assuming individuals in Night City can personalize themselves the way that NPCs in the game can, living in Cyberpunk 2077’sfuture wouldn’t be that bad. Despite the game’s focus on capitalism splitting the ultra-rich into their own little worlds, an average denizen could make a living as a merc. Buy it here.

Final Verdict: 8/10

Blade Runner: Hold the Replicants, Please

Cover image for YouTube videoBlade Runner (1982) Official Trailer - Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford Movie

Although we’ve already passed Blade Runner’s 2019 setting, the future it imagined in the early 80s is interesting in a remarkably different way. Working with Decker would definitely not be my style, but I could see myself as a noodle vendor. Replicants don’t eat noodles, right? Watch it here.

Final Verdict: 6/10

Horizon Zero Dawn: It Really Opens Up

Admittedly, I’m not that far into this masterpiece of a game. I’d definitely hang out with Aloy–she’s smart, figures things out quickly, and is always up for a little risky adventure. The rest of the world seems pretty rough around the edges, what with the robotic dinosaurs and everything. Buy Horizon Zero Dawn.

Final Verdict: 7/10

The Hunger Games: Literally a Fight to the Death

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Hunger Games (2012 Movie) - Official Theatrical Trailer - Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth

When first introduced to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games in 2008 at the height of dystopian future craze, the world seemed vibrant and full, although it was definitely terrifying to live under the long arms and strong boots of the Capitol. Even if I wasn’t selected to participate in the games, I would struggle in this world. A lot. No, thank you. Buy The Hunger Games.

Final Verdict: 2/10

The Last of Us: Too Real

If you’ve read our Content Manager, Chris D’Lando’s take on The Last of Us: Part II, you’ll know why this game hits way too close to home for us. It’s a challenging game, but we’ll take a hard pass. Read why here.

Final Verdict: No

Community's The Darkest Timeline: Goofy and Fun

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Darkest Timeline: The '1' Timeline | Community

In Community’s Darkest Timeline, Jeff has lost his arm, Pierce is dead (allegedly), Annie is institutionalized, Troy injured his larynx by swallowing a burning troll, Shirley is an alcoholic, Britta has a washed out streak of blue in her hair, and Abed makes the Evil Gang goatees, for the gang to represent their evilness. Honestly, I love Community, so I’m all in on this one. Watch on Netflix.

Final Verdict: 10/10

Red Rising Books: Super Risky

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising

From $5.99 (£19.99)

Imagine you’re a Red, trapped under the earth doing menial, repetitive, and dangerous labor for absolutely no reward. That would suck. Imagine you’re a Gold, floating high above the world with wealth and power. I’d probably be somewhere in the middle, I don’t want to be the main character in this story though; the casualties are way too high. Buy the series here.

Final Verdict: 5/10

The Matrix: Yes, But Also No?

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Matrix (1999) - The Pill scene

Would you choose to live a happy, fulfilling life if you knew that it was a complete lie? Hard to say, but that’s The Matrix for you. I would rather eek out an existence in Zion then allow myself to power the mechanical dreams and aspirations of the world-spanning AI that rule the earth in 1999’s The Matrix. Watch it here.

Final Verdict: 4/10

Mad Max: Fury Road: For the Speed Demons

Cover image for YouTube videoMad Max Fury Road Scenes That Had To Be Cut

While Mad Mad: Fury Road was one of the best movies of the past decade, the world that it takes place in is decidedly not friendly, and I would hate to live there. Listen, I love driving, but I’d prefer to go electric. Plus, it’s really hard to get basic necessities, and everyone keeps wasting water like it grows on trees! Buy it here.

Final Verdict: 7/10

The Jetsons: Fabulous '50s

Cover image for YouTube videoTheme Song | The Jetsons | Warner Archive

The Jetsons are an iconic family in an unforgettable world that was one of the earlier animated takes on what our wild future would look like. It’s totally unrealistic, utterly fantastic, and everyone’s got a ton of time on their hands for all sorts of futuristic hijinks. Plus, I would get to fly an aerocar to see why everyone lives so far above the surface. Watch The Jetsons here.

Final Verdict: 9/10

Fallout 3: Textbook Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

Cover image for YouTube videoFALLOUT 3 - The 2020 Review

Everything about Fallout 3’s world would stress me out. Where can I get food that isn’t irradiated? Why is everything trying to attack me? How am I supposed to manage my life from a passive aggressive wrist computer? This world isn’t for me, not at all. Buy Fallout 3 here.

Final Verdict: 2/10

Ready Player One: The Oasis is Calling

Cover image for YouTube videoReady Player Two | A conversation with Ernest Cline and Wil Wheaton

Living in the earth of the future in Ready Player One would be rough. Poverty seems pretty common and a lot of folks are struggling just to get by. The Oasis, on the other hand, where everyone spends most of their time, is full of boundless opportunity. After the events of the book/movie, there’s a lot more to love about this world! Buy the books here.

Final Verdict: 8/10

Westworld: AI 4 Life

Cover image for YouTube video'Welcome to Westworld' Teaser Trailer | Westworld | Season 1

The future in Westworld is complex and nuanced, and it’s hard to tell what’s real. If I’m heading into the park itself, or even just minding my own business in my day to day job in a high-flying corporate office, that take on reality is challenging. Plus, there are way too many robots. Ever since The Terminator I can’t bring myself to trust those guys. Watch Westworld on HBO.

Final Verdict: 4/10

Altered Carbon: High Risk, High Reward

Cover image for YouTube videoAltered Carbon Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Although we’ve lost Altered Carbon to the depths of Netflix’s cancellations, the world that it predicts is fascinating and terrifying in equal amounts. I’d have a stack-a device that allows my consciousness to move to another body—and although recreating new sleeves would be outside of my price range, the possibility of traveling to other worlds and living for hundreds of years is enticing. Super risky, though, especially if something goes wrong. Watch it on Netflix (or get the books here).

Final Verdict: 6/10

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