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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: The real reason Red XIII is riding a chocobo

The decision behind Red XIII riding a chocobo is explained by director Naoki Hamaguchi

With the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth just around the corner, there is much to be excited about as we learn more about all the upcoming game has to offer. Although there is more information now for fans to dive into, reviewing all the details, there are a few previous reveals we are still thinking about months later. Remember the images of Cloud riding a segway and Red XIII riding a chocobo that EVERYONE was talking about? It's hard to forget, they were pretty incredible, and of course we can't help but wonder... why? Just how did these moments come to be? Luckily, there is finally an answer to that.

During the official Final Fantasy VII Rebirth panel at New York Comic Con, after much discussion and theorizing from the English voice cast themselves, Matthew Mercer, the English voice of Vincent Valentine, decided to go straight to the source and ask director Noaki Hamaguchi the question we all want to know: How did Red XIII end up riding a chocobo in the latest installment of the game?

"There was a bit of a debate among the team about this topic," speaking through a translator, Hamaguchi explained. "One of our designers had gone ahead and created a file of Red XIII riding a chocobo and this was just so adorable that we had to take it to our creative director."

You can watch the full video with all the details below:

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