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Follow along to the 'Discover DC' panel from the 2024 ALA Annual here!

DC opens up about its upcoming plans for comics for kids and teens.

Absolute Power #1 variant cover
Image credit: Chris Samnee (DC)

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Sure, you know who DC is - they're responsible for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more. But can young kids say the same thing? As part of DC's decades-long goal to bring the next generation of fans into the fold, the publisher is hosting a 'Discover DC' panel at this year's ALA Annual Conference in San Diego.

"Comics create a space for all readers. Top talent from DC’s young adult and middle grade graphic novels discuss their titles, and the community created by comics!" reads DC's description for the panel.

The publisher has not announced who from DC will be at this panel ,or what specifically they'll be talking about, but stay tuned. Come back Sunday, June 30 at 12:30pm Pacific (that's 3:30pm Eastern!) to follow along to the full 'Discover DC' panel from the 2024 ALA Annual.

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