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Fourth Wing and Iron Flame author Rebecca Yarros reveals what her signet would be

We love lightning and shadows but that's not what Yarros wants her own signet to be

The world of Fourth Wing is full of fun and creative concepts: We have our powerful dragons, some of which are fated mates, and also have the most curmudgeonly personalities which are such a joy to read; we have worldbuilding full of rich history; and of course, we have magic.

Written by Rebecca Yarros, The Empyrean series - which currently consists of two books, Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, with another three slated for release in the coming years - creates a magic system where after bonding with their dragons, riders develop unique abilities called signets. You can almost think of signets like superpowers, except these powers come from the dragons themselves. Signets can be anything from wielding ice and other elemental magic, to riders having more rare abilities, like possessing power over shadows and lightning.

Signets can be a variety of abilities, and during an appearance at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con 2024, Yarros shared with fans what her signet would be in the universe of The Empyrean series. "I would be able to cross hundreds of miles in a single step," began Yarros. "I would love nothing more than for my kid to say 'I need you,' and to be able to cross miles and immediately get there."

As a reader, it's fun to imagine what your signet would be, and so, Popverse caught up with fans at ECCC to see just what signets we would all choose.

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For those who want to see the complete panel featuring the Fourth Wing creator, we’ll be debuting it exclusively on March 28 at 10AM Eastern for paid Popverse members. We’ll also be sharing further excerpts from the panel for everyone across the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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