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MCU Crossbones actor Frank Grillo has been recruited by DC & James Gunn to play Rick Flag Sr.

"Whoa big guy, I just want you to know, this isn't personal!"

Frank Grillo
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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The masterfully villainous character actor Frank Grillo is jumping superhero cinematic universes, from Marvel to DC.

DC Studios' co-head James Gunn has announced that the actor who brought Crossbones to life in Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been hired for Max's Peacemaker season 2. Grillo will play Rick Flag Sr., the father of former-Suicide Squad leader Rick Flag (played by Joel Kinnaman in both of the Suicide Squad movies). Grillo will be filming his Peacemaker season 2 role this year, but his debut as Rick Flag Sr. will first be seen as the character is a part of the Max cartoon Creature Commandos, which is set to be released before Peacemaker's second season - and actually be a prequel to all of the Suicide Squad movies (and Peacemaker)... as well as the first part of the new DCU, which makes its big screen debut next year with Gunn's own Superman movie.

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