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Geeky Gift Guide: 23 Best Gifts to Get the Gamer In Your Life

Get your game on with these gifts!

best gifts for gamers
Image credit: New York Comic Con 2019

The holidays are a time for friends, family, and being thankful for the good people and good things in your life. It’s also a time when there’s great deals on stuff and what better way to show your appreciation of the gamer in your life than with some sweet tech gifts! The thing about video game fans is that there’s such a wide variety of people who call themselves gamers. This can make them kind of hard to shop for. So, I’ve included a little bit of everything so you can definitely find something for the gamer in your life.

Sure, now that I’m an adult I realize just how good the gifts of socks were, but that doesn’t mean I don’t equally appreciate some sweet new headphones. Here’s some cool stuff available to get for your video game enthusiast friend/relative!


1. Razer Viper Ultralight Gaming Mouse


This mouse is lightweight and comfortable! Great for gamers who don’t need too many extras, just point and click!

US - $39.99

UK - £30.97

2. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse 


This mouse DOES have all the extras, there’s tons of buttons so this mouse is great for gamers who play MMOs or MOBAs.

US - $41.58

UK - £77.99

3. Large RBG Gaming Mousepad


If you know gamers, you know that more colored lights = better gaming. 

US - $16.99

UK - £17.33

4. SteelSeries Arctis 5 Headset


Not trying to sound biased here, but I love these headsets. I have personally owned two headsets from the Arctis series and they are SO comfortable and have great sound quality. Highly recommend. 

US - $108.84

UK - £99.00

5. RGB Headphone Stand


Remember what I said about more colors always being better? Well it applies to everything.

US - $32.99

UK - £34.99

6. Acer Nitro 5 17.3” Gaming Laptop


If you’re really going all out or maybe trying to get your kids into gaming, this is a great intro build for a great price! A good graphics card and a decently sized SSD makes this a solid gaming laptop.

US - $799.99

UK - £1,028.98

7. Nintendo Switch


Maybe the gamer in your life is more of a console gamer? The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are the new consoles on the block, but the Switch is a tried and true portable console for on the go or at home gaming!

US - $299.99

UK - £279.99


8. Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS4 or PS5


This is gonna be the new hotness for PlayStation when the PS5 launches. The first one was amazing, and we all have very high hopes for its sequel! I mean there’s already a bodega cat we’re all in love with so it’s off to a great start.

US (PlayStation 4) - $49.99

US (PlayStation 5) - $49.99 

UK (PlayStation 4) - £51.99

UK (PlayStation 5) - £49.99

9. Cyberpunk 2077 (Pre-Order) PS4, Xbox, PC

CD Projekt Red

One day, this game will come out. When it does, it’s probably gonna be awesome. Maybe it will come out December 10th. Let’s all cross our fingers.

US (PlayStation 4) - $49.94

US (Xbox) - $49.94

US (PC) - $59.99

UK (all versions) - £49.99

10. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)


This game is beautiful AND it just got a big update that added a ton more content to enjoy!

US - $59.99

UK - £49.98

Fun Stuff

11. A Whole Playstation Sleep Outfit 

This is for the real hardcore Sony fans. Those slippers look comfy as HECK.


Pants - $24.90


Shirt - $32.90


Slippers - $14.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

12. Nintendo Graphic Long Sleeves 

And this is for the Nintendo fans. These shirts are such an aesthetic.


Super Nintendo Long Sleeve Shirt - $32.90


N64 Long Sleeve Shirt - $32.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

13. Xbox Logo Shirt

Hey Microsoft fans, we got you too!


US - $28.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

14. K.K. Slider Tour Shirt


Remember that time you saw this legend play live?? Yeah it was dope.

US - $28.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

15. Legend of Zelda Wingcrest T-Shirt


I had to throw one more t-shirt in because I’m a big Zelda fan so…

US - $28.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout


16. Fortnite Meowscles Pop

Funko / BoxLunch

Can you look at this muscular cat and tell me you or someone you know doesn’t need it? I didn’t think so.

US - $10.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

17. Crash Bandicoot Tiny Tiger Pop

Funko / BoxLunch

Crash is a timeless classic (and it was just remastered!), get this for the someone who loves the oldie-but-goodies.

US - $10.90

UK - £10.74

18. Overwatch Dr. Junkenstein Pop

Funko / BoxLunch

Maybe this is better for Halloween, but I just love this skin and the Pop is great. I’m sure other Overwatch players would agree.

US - $12.90

UK delivery available, price confirmed at checkout

19. Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Pop

Funko / BoxLunch

If you’re like me, you also can’t get enough of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand. Get this Pop for your gamer person patiently awaiting the release of this game!

US - $10.90

UK - £13.83

20. Animal Crossing Winter Isabelle Nendoroid


Chances are your gamer put way too many hours into the latest installment in the Animal Crossing franchise during quarantine, so they definitely know Isabelle is the best. Look at her adorable face!

US - $48.99

UK - £54.72

21. Banjo-Kazooie TOTAKU Figure


Banjo-Kazooie is another timeless classic, and look how cute Kazooie is in this figure!!

US - $9.97

UK (plush) - £19.99

22. Diamond Select Toys - Kingdom Hearts Figures

Diamond Select Toys

Speaking of nostalgia, few games hit gamers in the feels as hard as these games did when they were kids.

US - $19.99

UK - £27.15

23. Minecraft Light-Up Figures


And finally, it’s hard to go wrong with a Minecraft gift. This game has been around a long time - and for good reason!

US - $16.99

UK - £10.00

I hope that you’re able to find something in this list for your favorite gamer in your life, I certainly found a couple things for mine making this list!

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