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Gemini Man is suddenly popular on Netflix and we really wish it wasn't

Sometimes movies really are as bad as you remember

Will Smith's younger clone from Gemini Man
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Will Smith has been making movies long enough that he has made his share of flops. Sure, we all try to forget the giant steampunk spider in Wild Wild West or the unmitigated dud that was After Earth, but we’re still disappointed to see that Gemini Man has somehow found itself the second most streamed movie on Netflix recently.

Those of you who don’t remember seeing this movie when it was released in 2019, consider yourself lucky. It stars Smith as an aging assassin who finds himself hunted by the only person capable of besting him – a younger clone of himself that looks close-to-but-not-quite like the actor from his Fresh Prince days. The movie was a critical and box office disappointment despite giving us not one but two Will Smiths fighting on the screen. The de-aging effects on Smith weren’t quite there yet, giving every scene with the younger assassin a healthy dose of the uncanny valley along with a bland, predictable script. Despite some competently directed action scenes from Ang Lee, the movie is an almost complete misfire from start to finish.

Very few people had anything nice to say about Gemini Man upon its release, which is why we’re so surprised to see it becoming so popular so suddenly. There are better bad movies you could be watching, like horror favorite Army of Darkness, that at least revel in their campiness and are at least fun. If you’re one of the people streaming this movie, please know that we’re not angry – just disappointed.

The next few months have plenty of better films than Gemini Man coming to theaters and streaming services and we’ve got them all gathered for you in one handy guide.

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